Dynare++ v. 1.3.2 available (including optimal policy)

Hi all,

Dynare++ 1.3.2 has been released and can be downloaded from the Download area (binaries for Windows, Linux and sources). The Dynare++ tutorial has also been updated (documentation page).

The main changes are:

  1. Dynare++ is now able to automatically solve an optimal policy problem. It symbolically differentiates a given policy objective, constraints, introduces Lagrange multipliers, forms the first order conditions and solves it. See the tutorial for more details.

  2. Dynare++ now automatically generates Matlab scripts allowing calculation of the deterministic steady state in Matlab or Scilab if Dynare++ internal solver fails.

  3. Dynare++ can simulate IRFs for an explicitly given list of shocks. This is controlled by --irfs option.

  4. Added --order option overriding the order keyword in a model file.

  5. Corrected a few more minor bugs.

have fun!

Ondra K.

The tutorial is really simple to a new user. unzip it then press the .exe file?
Pls discribe it completely,ths!

best reguard

Dear Duan,

are you sure that you looked at Dynare++ tutorial in Documentation section of the web site? It is much more detailed than you seem to imply and an example is fully developped.

Kind regards