Dynare under matlab

I am trying to get familiar with dynare under my old version of matlab version 6.0 release 12.
I cant open any of the example files. I followed the tips mentioned in the forum, including deleting gensylv.dll and asamin .dll.
working under the directory where the examples were, I did not know where i did wrong.
for example i typed

dynar example1.mod;
but I got a message like below.
??? dynar example1.mod;
Error: Missing operator, comma, or semicolon.

any help?


I don’t know if it could solve your pb but you have to know that the right instruction is :
dynare filename

and not:
dynar filename

knowing that the extension “.mod” is not necessary.


thanks for the reply!
I should have typed wrongly in my message. in fact i tried with command dynare example1 and example1.mod but still getting error messages.

It’s possible that you fogot to change your current dirrectory.(mod file should be at your current dirrectory).

Another possibility is that you forgot to add directory with dynare’s files.(I mean “Set path” …)

Thanks everyone for their attention,
I took a radical step by installing the newest version of matlab and all problems resolved.
best regards,