Dynare Steady State errors

I’m trying to solve the baseline RBC model with endogenous labor supply. In the first version, I provide some initial values; in the second version, I provide the steady-state equations.

The first version generates this error:
“ERROR: SNGM.mod: line 38, cols 1-3: syntax error, unexpected END”

The second version generates this error:
“ERROR: SNGM_2.mod: line 59, cols 1-3: syntax error, unexpected END”

Why is this happening?

SNGM.mod (510 Bytes)
SNGM_2.mod (998 Bytes)

The two erros are due to your missing commas;

var epsilon = sigmaep^(2);

The second version also report:

The steadystate file did not compute the steady state

For this erro, you check the variable values in Equation 2.

SNGM.mod (511 Bytes)
SNGM_2.mod (999 Bytes)

Hi Jingjing,

Thanks for your response. The first one worked, it was a poor oversight on my part. The second one’s still not working. I got the following errors:
“The steadystate file did not compute the steady state”;
“print_info(info,options_.noprint, options_);”
“evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]);”

I’m a bit new to Dynare, and I don’t know what the errors mean. What might be the error(s)?


Hi, Saunok.
Since the residuals of Equation number 2:

Equation number 2 : -3.0221 : 2

It means the value of variables c,k,n do not balance the left and right sides in Equation 2.
So, you should check the variables(c,k,n) in your steady_state_model.

Hi Jingjing,
I ran the file without the steady state conditions (so now it contains just the model block). For simplicity, I just tried out the deterministic version of the problem, and it gave me the same errors. I checked my slides (I’ve attached both the Question and the equilibrium conditions), and I am using the same equilibrium equations.
SNGM_2_new.mod (683 Bytes)


The erro implies the values of steady_state are wrong. I have recaulated the steady state value:
SNGM_2_new.mod (673 Bytes)

Hi Jingjing,

Thank you! I’ve corrected my steady state equations.