Dynare_simul_() problem with initial vector


I am using simult_() function which uses dynare_simul_ routine from mex file.
I noticed that the initial vector I provide is not the same as the initial vector that dynare_simul_ (mex routine) returns.
As far as I understand, if maximum number of lagged variables in the system is 1, we will have simulated results with 1st observation being initial vector, and second with the shock.
Is there any way to somehow change it in the dynare_simul_.mex routine?
I am using dynare 4.4.3

What exactly is your problem? Why can’t you simply reorder the output as done in the simult_-function?

It is not about reordering.

To better illustrate my question

Let’s say i run simulate using model policy rules, shocks and y0


Then, I would expect
sim_res(:,1) to be equal y0

However in many experiments i have never got the above to be equal. sim(:,1) is always different then y0. Why? Is there any way to have it equal?

Sorry, but what is