Dynare++: NLSolver error


I have a model that I can run in Dynare++ 1.3.1. However, when I try running it in version 1.3.6, I get the following error:

dynare++: warning: initval for is not finite
Caught Dynare exception: nlsolve.cpp:188: Initial guess does not yield finite residual in NLSolver::solve
dynare++ done!

I noticed that another user had a similar error with version 1.3.5. Has this been corrected? Is there something I am missing? I would like to solve the model with the new version of Dynare++ as I need the information from the conditional means and variances. Thank you.


can you check your initval for variable f? Dynare++ says that it has no value for that and that is why it cannot start solving for deterministic steady state.

In regards to your private mail: Of course that dynare++ has conditional distributions. I put it there in June for because I needed in one paper. I completely forgot, so ignore my email.

Ondra K.