Dynare++ help request (deleted email)

I just got email from somebody, his name sounded like Italian, requesting help with Dynare++. But I mistakenly deleted the email.

Hey, you, if you read this forum, do not hesitate to contact me again. However, if you do not read this forum and you are extremely patient at the same time, you are in a big trouble. (Impatience and forum curiosity pays off.)

Sorry anyway.

Ondra K.

i’m another one. and have many question about dynare++ because of concise tutorial

  1. is the tutorial contains all command which dynare++ accept?
  2. i want to define instrument for optimal policy. is it possible with dynare++?
  3. how can i generate time less perspective optimal rule in dynare not ++?
  4. how can i produce projections and rule path regarding to svensson 2009?


ad 1: yes

ad 2: yes it is possible, that is actually in the tutorial, read just a few pages further

ad 3: you mean dynare matlab? you should look at the manual of dynare matlab then.

ad 4: i do not know what svensson 2009 is. however, i cannot help you with specific applications of dynare++. people usually do it on their own.

Ondra K.

thanks for your time. but i can’t find how to define instrument

every variable is instrument. however, equations must still hold. that means that planner’s policy controls every variable but is constrainted by equations you provide. these equations may describe equilibrium rule of other agents. in this case you force the planner to move along the other agent’s equilibrium rules.

see the atatchments for further details

ondra k.
dynare+±ramsey.pdf (113 KB)