Dynare files opening problem

I intalled dynare 4.4.2 at matlab succesfully.But I cannot open files which has extension .mod. I take below error.Please tell me what I can do.Th.anks in advance

The file example1.mod could not be located in the “Current Folder”. Check whether you typed in the correct filename
and whether the file is really located in the “Current Folder”.

Current folder is /Applications/Dynare/4.4.2, and contains the following mod files:

Error using ls (line 36)
ls: *.mod: No such file or directory

Error in dynare (line 134)
ls *.mod;

The file is not located in /Applications/Dynare/4.4.2 but in /Applications/Dynare/4.4.2/examples. You need to set your current folder to this.

Thank you very much for your help.
But unfortunately computer is not a good friend for me.
Could you please tell me how I can do this in matlab on mac?

Thanks so much.

Try typing

it works.thank you but I have one more problem.

when I want to save a script file with .mod extension, I have encountered a problem like below.

“You cannot save this document with extension “.mod” at the end of the name. The required extension is “.m”.”

Appreciate if you can help me about this issue as well.

Thank you very much indeed.

Sorry, but I am not a Mac user. You need to sort this out yourself. Maybe you have friends who also use Matlab on MAC.

Thanks anyway