Dynare Error

Hi All:

I am new to Dynare and i keep getting the following error but i am not sure what i am doing wrong. Maybe the model is not specified properly.

ERROR: gali08.mod:4.6: character unrecognized by lexer
Starting Dynare (version 4.1.2).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …

error: DYNARE: preprocessing failed
error: called from:
error: c:\dynare\4.1.2\matlab\dynare.m at line 126, column 1
gali08.mod (605 Bytes)

I just realized that using A and a to represent 2 variables will not work. After correcting for this i still get the problem identified above.

  1. Don’t use ~ in the variable names. This is not allowed.
  2. Put a * in line 19 after 0.5.
  3. Define lambda.
  4. Correct the shocks block. You do not define the autoregressive process here. That belongs in the model block. Instead define the standard deviation here. See manual p. 21
  5. Define the process for the second exogenous variable au.

Thanks very much. I will incorporate your suggestions. I have another post in which i had already figured out your 1st 3 comments, so i will now focus on the other suggestions. That said you may ignore that post. Thanks again.

Hello, I’m new to dynare and I’m having the same problem. I don’t know what would be wrong though because it seems to be written correclty and the parameter is already defined.
The error is: line 48, col 9: character unrecognized by lexer.
Thank you for your attention,

modelo_fiscal_ajs_tax_novo2.mod (15.4 KB)

I am not sure what you did there, but in the respective lines that appear like

there actually an invisible character in front of the number at exactly the location given. This happens at various other places. To see this, you can open your file in MS Word and let it display invisible characters: techf5.com/1899/view-special-characters-symbols-ms-word/

thank you very much! that was it ! another thing that I did was just to type the code in the console and then it showed already where there were invisible characters!

Hello, I have another issue in my script. I’m using a version where variables and parameters are specified each line, as for example:

var y, pib, def;
parameters def_y,phi, rho;

var x, b, r;
parameters gamma;

and another version where vars and parameters are together.

The first version is found under the name teste2.mod and the second one is the other.

The first version works just fine, but the second one (where vars and parameters are together) gives the following error: error: matrix cannot be indexed with . (the “.” is included in the error message).

Do you have any idea of what could it be ?I haven’t found anything in the forums and the internet. Thank you for your attention!
modelo_fiscal_ajs_tax_novo2.mod (15.2 KB)
teste2.mod (21.5 KB)

Never put a

in a mod-file

thank you!!!