Dynare detection of dataset in 4.5.1

Thanks for the 4.5.1 release! I noticed that since updating, Dynare has trouble finding my dataset. If I’m working in /workingdirectory, and store my data in /workingdirectory/data which is in the Matlab path, Dynare 4.4.3 would detect the dataset, but Dynare 4.5.1 gives the error:

“makedataset: I can’t find a datafile (with allowed extension m, mat, csv, xls or xlsx)!”

This is resolved by moving my dataset to the working directory. But I thought I should alert you.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, this is my first post.

Thanks for this feedback. I was not aware of this possibility in 4.4.x. Is your datafile a Matlab file (*.m)? Otherwise I do not see how it was working… I won’t call this a regression because this feature was undocumented (to my knowledge). If it was only working with Matlab scripts or function, I am not sure we want to offer this feature (it would be hard to explain that the user has to provide full path or relative path to the data file, except for *.m files).


It was an .xls file! I didn’t realize this wasn’t intended. Curious.

Okay. Thanks. I will check.