DYNARE can't calculate steady state

Hello everyone,

I am very new to Dynare. I am trying to replicate Sims & Wolff (2017)'s medium-scale DSGE model
sims with appendix.pdf (607.3 KB)
. I want to solely look at government spending shock but Dynare cannot calculate steady-state values of the endogenous variables. I really don’t know what went wrong with my codes. Here is my mod file.
sims_gsshock1.mod (6.1 KB)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi, first your mod file is incomplete, you haven’t defined any shock and you need to use the stoch_simul comand in order to produce IRFs. Second you haven’t defined any steady-state. You need to tell dynare what is the model’s steady-state either with the initval comand or with the steady_state comand.