Dynare and Ubuntu

I am trying to make Dynare version 3.064 to work under Matlab 2009a and Ubuntu 10.04.1 64bit versions of both Although I downloaded the UNIX version from Dynare website, and all paths seem to be correct, an attempt to “dynare name.mod” gives
/bin/bash: /home/ … matlab/dynare_m: No such file or directory

Can anyone help with this? I need dynare 3, not 4. Many thanks

UPD: downloaded parser.zip, tried to run makefile. It does not know g++ command. Anyway, what should be in makefile file to fix the problem?

You need to recompile the preprocessor (in the “parser.src” directory). You need to tweak the makefile and type make.

Note that this old version of Dynare is now unsupported. You should really upgrade to Dynare 4.