Dyanre installation in Ubuntu 12.04

Since the newest version of dynare I can get from apt-get is 4.2.4 (even though I have and the dynare respository), I downloaded the source code to build my own version more up-to-date.

I can install all dependency libraries except libslicot-dev.

The following are the commands I used to build dynare:

./configure --with-matlab=/usr/local/MATLAB/R2011a/ MATLAB_VERSION=R2011a

I also used “make check” to test the built binary, everyting appeared to work fine.

The problem came up when I tried to install dynare
I tried “make install”. After the execuation, it seems dynare was actually not installed. I cannot find dynare in the default directory: /usr/local/share/ or anywhere else.

Can anyone help? Thanks,

This is normal, there is no “make install” rule. You can use the source code in place.