DSGE + financial frictions with time series in level


In a research I am carrying out, I want to analyze the time series generated by various models. In particular, I need the time series of the relevant variables in levels. For instance, as far as I understood, the baseline RBC model (code below) returns the variables in levels, which is indeed what I need.

Now, I would like to know how to modify the code for the model by Gertler and Karadi (2011) (also below) so that the time series I get from stoch_simul are in levels. Can you help me?
More in general, could you suggest me the code of DSGE models with financial frictions whose time series are in level?

Thanks in advance,
NK_GK11_rep.mod (10.8 KB)
rbc_collard_gauss.mod (1.8 KB)