DSGE calibration and evaluation examples

Dear Community:

Do you know of any examples of step by step calibration exercises for DSGE models. I am looking for an examples (or a set of examples) that involves calibration and evaluation of models. Basically what I am looking are examples where we calibrate some parameters, estimate others (using Bayesian, ML, or GMM), and later evaluate the calibration and target ratios.


I do not know if you have already looked at this https://archives.dynare.org/documentation-and-support/user-guide/Dynare-UserGuide-WebBeta.pdf/at_download/file. It is not up to date but I think it provides one example of Bayesian estimation. Also, have a look at GitHub - JohannesPfeifer/DSGE_mod: A collection of Dynare models. Prof. Pfeifer reproduced papers using Bayesian estimation, ML and GMM.

Thank you very much Diego! This is a really nice set of resources. Iā€™m gonna take a close look to the materials and come back with more questions (if any shows up).

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