DSGE Asset Pricing

Dear all,

I did replicate Jermann’s 1998 JME paper Asset Pricing in Production Economies in order to get some practice in analyzing asset pricing issues within a DSGE framework. The results seem to be reasonable. However, the following points raise some doubts about the correctness of the results:

1.) In a model specification without leverage, the return on capital ® is supposed to be equivalent to the gross stock return (req). My results indicate that R>req.

2.) The standard deviation of req is the same as the standard deviation of the risk free rate (rf), while correctly the standard deviation of R is larger than the one of rf. Since R and req are supposed to be the same, the standard deviation should be equivalent as well.

3.) The equity premium of 12.8 % seems to be rather high.

I would be very glad if someone could look into these issues and provide some clarification.

Best, Jürg
JermannUS.mod (1.53 KB)