Do NOT display Total Computing Time

Hello. I am using Dynare 4.5.6. I know that version 4.7 has “notime” option. But I still prefer 4.5.6 version. How can I embed the “notime” option in v4.5.6? I have the new file ready. Where can I find the old file to overwrite? Thank you.

Yanchen Hu

@sebastien I think you may know.

Backporting this option to Dynare 4.5.6 is more complex than overwriting a single source file. You need to understand the source code.

I’m sorry but you are on your own here. The Dynare Team does not have the resources to do such things. You should probably upgrade (more features, less bugs).

Hello Sebastien,

Thank you for your suggestion. However, only 4.7 offers “notime” option and it is now unstable. I actually tried to download 4.7 and run and found there were lots of bugs. I am not quite confident with my coding, so I would rather keep with 4.5.

If you could tell me a brief instruction on how to eliminate the time display, it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want the running time keep coming up in large loops.

Yanchen Hu

Could you please be more specific. What are the problems you are experiencing? The unstable version will become the new stable version soon.

I think you can achieve this by removing the lines 890-891 of preprocessor/ in Dynare 4.5.7:

  mOutputFile << endl << endl
              << "disp(['Total computing time : ' dynsec2hms(toc(tic0)) ]);" << endl;

You also probably should remove the << "tic0 = tic;" on line 663.

Thank you for your advice. Do you know where the folder is installed? After I install 4.5.7, I cannot find “preprocessor” folder anywhere in my computer, and hence the

I have downloaded the .cc File from GitLab and modified it, but where should I put the modified file?

Sorry for the confusion. Actually, I just downloaded it and tried one stochastic simulation. I don’t quite remember the error message, and it might be due to my issue, not the program itself. But since it is quite different from 4.5.6 which I am already used to, I quickly uninstalled 4.7 without digging deeper into it.

But congratulations on the coming stable version though. Thank you for your time in developing the software.

You need to start from the source package of 4.5.7, modify the corresponding source file, and compile everything. C++ is a compiled language, so you need to recreate the preprocessor binary and put it at the right place. Instructions are given somewhere, though they might be incomplete.