Developed countries or developing countries' household consumption bundle have a smaller share of imported foreign consumption goods

Dear Johannes and other scholars,
First thank you very much for your previous guidance, I am grateful.
I model an open economy model for developed country and an open economy model for developing country, For each open economy DSGE model, I assume that households have a consumption bundle, e.g. consumption is a combination of domestically produced consumption goods with weight (1-alpha) and imported foreign consumption goods with weight alpha.
My question is: do developed countries’ (e.g. U.S.) household consumption bundle usually contain a smaller share of imported foreign consumption goods (lower alpha) than developing coutnries (e.g. China) or vice versa?
Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you.
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It’s mostly not about the development status of an economy, but its openness/size. Large economies in terms of population and area typically produce more goods within their borders instead of importing them.