Deterministic Simulation with steady state model versus steady state file

Hi all,

I am conducting deterministic simulations in Dynare, following the logic outlined here:

This works fine. However, when I am trying to solve for the steady state via a dedicated steady state file instead of a steady state model block (for educational purposes), I am running into the following error message:

Unrecognized function or variable ‘EfficiencyInnovation’.

The two files (mod and steady state) are attached below. My understanding is that in the steady state file, the exogenous variable “EfficiencyInnovation” is not called. How can I make this simple deterministic simulation work with a dedicated steady state file?

Thanks a lot!

rbc_det4_steadystate.m (3.3 KB)
rbc_det4.mod (1.3 KB)


efficiency = exo(strmatch('EfficiencyInnovation',M_.exo_names,'exact'))/(1-rho);

to read out the respective entry of exo.

rbc_det4_steadystate.m (3.4 KB)
rbc_det4.mod (1.3 KB)

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