Declaration to set up the endogenous variables

Hello everyone
I specified the endogenous variables in the model: var y , c, k , h , a , b; and i had this error message:
error:var:X must be a numeric vector or matrix
error:called from:
error:C:\Octave\3.6.4\share\Octave\3.6.4\m\statistics\base\var.m at line 68,column 5
Can anyone explain me what is the problem?
Thank you

Did you write your code into a mod-file (not and m-file), set the path to Dynare, and call it with

Currently, Octave take the var-command not as a Dynare declaration, but as an Octave command to compute the variance.

Thank you jpfeifer for your reply
How can i create this mod file in dynare
I’m working with octave 3.6.4 and then i wrote addpath c: \dynare\4.3.3\matlab
But i don’t know how to create a mod file into dynare
Thank you in advance

Use any text editor to write the code, save the text file with the ending .mod, use the addpath and then run it in dynare using the command

dynare modfilename

See Chapter 3 of the manual.

Hello jpfeifer.
Although I have executed what you recommended, I am currently facing the same error message:
error: var: X must be a numeric vector or matrix
I am using Octave 4.1.1 and Dynare 4.5.7.

Any other workaround for my software version? Best regards

You need to use Octave 4.4.1 with Octave. All other versions are not supported.