Confidence interval in dynare

Im estimating a DSGE model in Dynare but i dont know which confidence intervals are being used in the irf pictures. I think one of them is the 90% confidence interval, but i dont know the others. There are 4 green lines above the median and 4 green lines below the median. Can somebody help me?


you are right, one of them is 90% confidential interval, this setting you can change by setting the parameter options_.mh_conf_sig. The black line is mean.

The 4 green lines above and below median are related to the Kalman filter. The Dynare team refers to the paper: Filtering and Smoothing of State Vector for Diffuse State Space Models", S.J. Koopman and J. Durbin (2003, in Journal of Time Series Analysis, vol. 24(1), pp. 85-98).

Hope it helps!