Conf.Interval of prior

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I am afraid this is too basic to ask. I couldn ot figure it.

In bayesian estimation , If I set a PRIOR for a parameter as

Is there a way I can also calculate the confidence interval for this prior ?

I know it might be basic,

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Confidence intervals and Bayesian econometrics do not square well. Bayesian look at credible sets. What exactly do you mean? The second number in the specified prior is the standard deviation of the prior, which gives you an indiciation of the prior precision.

what is the credibel set (interval ) that this particular prior defines ?
Can I calculate it or is dynare calculating the posterior credible set and that should also be the prior credible set (is it the same ?)

in one of the papers it says :
I am setting this particular prior so that the 95 % credible set is this m;n] (some values) …

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At you can find codes to compute quantiles for various distributions. See Koop’s textbook Bayesian Econometrics for a definition of a credible set.

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  1. I was trying to say is there a way I can calculatete the credible set given the PRIOR Median and S.E ?

  2. To do the reverse :

I just copy pasted the 4 codes files .

  • run_prior_parameter_calculation.m
  • get_gamma_ab.m
  • get_inv_gamma_ab.m
  • cmaes.m
    and ran the first one (run_prior_parameter_calculation.m) Prof. Pfeifer.

I got such an error :

Wonder if I did sth wrong ?!!

  1. The easiest way is to use the unstable version together with

to generate a LaTeX table or use the command line

Both require a previous estimated_params block. See the manual for details.

  1. Check whether the mentioned file is really in the current folder.

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In ‘‘dynare.pdf’’ (of the unstable version) I can find the documentation for the first command

but NOT for the second one, i.e.

Anywhere else I can check for it pls ?

You should find it at the bottom of Section “9 Dynare misc commands”

Many Thanks Professor!