Compile version 4.1 in Ubuntu


I’ve followed the instructions on the Wiki page for installation of Dynare from source.

The “make check” works fine. Yet when I try to run Dynare from Matlab I get the error message

[quote]??? Invalid MEX-file ‘/home/gianni/gianni/dynare_docs/dynare-4.1.0/matlab/…/mex/matlab/k_order_perturbation.mexglx’: /opt/matlab/bin/glnx86/…/…/sys/os/glnx86/ version `GCC_4.0.0’ not found (required by /home/gianni/gianni/dynare_docs/dynare-4.1.0/matlab/…/mex/matlab/k_order_perturbation.mexglx).

Notice that I have

[quote]gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.1-4ubuntu8) 4.4.1

(I also compiled using make CXX=g+±4.1 with same results)




This has to do with MATLAB, which ships an old version of libgcc.

The solution is to rename it:

mv /opt/matlab/sys/os/glnx86/ /opt/matlab/sys/os/glnx86/

I hope to create soon the packages of Dynare 4.1 for Ubuntu. These packages will automatically handle that problem.



It turned out that the library was already re-named and that the problem was my mis-understanding of the new syntax :blush:

Apparently the option use_dll in the model statement (model(use_dll)) is mandatory for third order solutions.

So Dynare 4.1 runs on Ubuntu 9.10: Well done!!

(I haven’t checked yet whether the results make sense :wink: )