Command not found

I am trying to run dynare on a computational server with Matlab 7.3. I got the following error message

??? Error using ==> dynare
/xx/xxxx/user/x/x/xxxxx/dynare/matlab/dynare_m: Command not found.

I check the path using which dynare and I got


which is correct. What is the problem?

Looks like dynare_m.exe is missing in the directory




Dear Michel;

dynare_m.exe was there in the same directory.

What else can be a problem? Is it possible that .exe was not allowed?

Most likely you server runs under Linux and not Windows. You must at least compile the parser under Linux. Look at “Dynare version 4 for Linux” in “Dynare version 4” forum.



I looked at the forum for version 4, however I don’t understand exactly what to do. (Sorry for being Linux illiterate!)

What do I need to type exactly and where?

make parser.src?

where is parser.src?

Really appreciate your help.

In the snapshots, you have a subdirectory ‘parser.src’ that contains de C++ code for the parser. On the server, ou should do

You may want to do that with somebody who is familiar with Linux.

Kind regards