Command for: var=value(other var in a particular period t)?


I am working with a stochastic model and would appreciate any advice on this matter:

I aware that Dynare has
as a convenient function to create a variable that contains the steady-state value of a different variable.

Is there a command that lets me do the analogous assignment for a particular time period (defined relative to the shock occurrence), rather than for the steady state? Effectively, I am looking for:
var=period_t(other var in a particular period t)

where of course period t is not the current period but a “fixed” period (not a particular lag, but an absolute time period). In a sense, steady_state would be the particular version for t=0 of this more general command for any t.

Thanks a lot for any help!

What you describe sounds inconsistent with a stationary model and I doubt you can achieve it with Dynare. Could you describe what exactly you are trying to achieve?