Clean up the directory


These three files clean the ‘.pdf’, ‘.eps’ and ‘.fig’ files created by Dynare replacing them with one ‘.pdf’ file with all the graphs in it. It add a title on each page to avoid confusion.

Two of the ‘.m’ files were taken from the Internet, the other is mine.

Just put: ‘dyngraph;’ at the end of your ‘.mod’ file or type ‘dyngraph’ right after running Dynare

Hope you like,
dyngraph.m (799 Bytes)
suptitle.m (2.42 KB)
ps2pdf.m (14.9 KB)

This is a better version of ‘dyngraph.m’

It works with estimations and there was one small bugfix.
dyngraph.m (1.41 KB)

Very helpful. The number of files in my working folders gets totally out of hand. This is great, thank you.

This is helpful. thanks!

Very very helpful.

Hello Gilles,

I have been using your wonderful “dyngraph” programme for some time, and it always works a charm. Thanks so much for this excellent initiative!

Just now, I tested it when using Dynare with Octave, rather than Matlab, and it fails, ostensibly because Octave cannot find a “DairyFile”, but probably because there are differences between Octave and Matlab. Do you by any chance have a version of dyngraph which works with Octave? (My students cannot afford Matlab!)

Many thanks and best regards

Hi Donihue,

I’ll take a look as soon as I have time,