Check blanchard kahn

Hi All,

Does dynare produce a logic variable when Blanchard Kahn conditions are satisfied.
I would like to check BK conditions for a large grid of one parameter which does not affect steady-state (i.e. coefficient of a Taylor rule). Then, i would like to store the values of this parameter for which BK conditions are satisfied.

For example (in words)

for fip [0,3]

if BK are satisfied

do this…




After running your mod-file with a stoch_simul command using the noprint option once in an exterior m-file with the Dynare command line noclear option, you can actually use a loop like that. Use the set_param_value command to set the parameter you iterate over and then use

to solve the model. info will contain the error codes of the solution. In print_info.m you can see the meaning of the error codes in info.

Many thanks jpfeifer . I will try this.