Changing IRF graphs


After running a model in Dynare and getting some IRF graphs I am wondering how to change the range of the y-axis. I notice that Dynare automatically choose a range that fits each IRF. However, i would like Dynare to choose a consistent range of the y-axis for each IRF in order to emphasize that some of the variables does not really respond to the shocks (as the response is quite insignificant). How to do that? I haven’t managed to find anything in the Dynare Manual (however, there probably is something about this in the manual).

Not sure if such an option to change the scale of the y-axis , exists in dynare. Why dont you simply plot the irfs in oo_.irfs using standard matlab plots and change the ylim end points when necessary? That should be very easy, no?

No, this cannot be done using Dynare’s options. For customized graphs, you have to create them yourself as @punnoosejacob has indicated.

How to replicate in matlab the Orthogonalized shock to “shock variable” graph using the oo.PosteriorIRF saved after I estimated in dynare a bayesian irf?
I would to like to replicate the .eps file that dynare creates so I can change the x scale of the graph.


You need to use Matlab’s plot capabilities. All the information you need is stored in the oo_.PosteriorIRF-subfields.