Change of maximisation algorithm and too much rubbish on the screen

Dear Team

I came back to dynare after a very long period. So I missed many developments and cannot find answers to my questions easily.

I am running basic Bayesian estimation of a relatively big model.

The command I typically use
estimation(datafile=name,xls_range=B1:I124,mode_compute=4, optim=(‘verbosity’,0),mode_check,prior_trunc=0,mh_replic=100000,bayesian_irf, nograph, nodisplay);

First of all, I usually play with mode_compute=1 or 4 because I know what they do.
In both cases, however, when I run it , the following lines start filling my screen (and the log file!):

DYNARE_SOLVE (solve_algo=2|4): solving block 26, of size 1

Question 1: what happens? Why does it change the algorithm? What is likely to be wrong with my model? In 95% when this change happens it ends up with bad hessian and crashes, but sometimes it does not. There must be a reason behind these switches.

Question 2: as there is about 5% of cases when Hessian is OK and it goes to MCMC, with even more rubbish on the screen, how can i stop this to happen? I tries setting options
But it does not help, I am not sure it applies these options even.
Could you help with this command, please?

Do you have options_.debug enabled? The message you are getting is debugging information with respect to steady state finding.

Yes, apparently I do - i did not know its meaning - inherited from someone’s code. Thank you! I just killed it and all this is gone, it seems to be doing what was asked.

Many many thanks!