Born_Pfeifer_2018 Replication error

Dear Prof. Pfeifer,@jpfeifer
I downloaded the code from github yesterday and try to replicate the model.
I use Matlab2018b and dynare5.0. But there are errors, could you please give some help!
It is seems there are setup issues with the Dynare. I only have Dynare 5.0 in the Matlab path, no other versions of dynare.
The following were the codes I downloaded!
BF2018.rar (43.7 KB)
I run the m file: run_welfare_comparison_inefficient_steady_state.m, Matlab gives me the following errors:

Starting Dynare (version 5.0).
Calling Dynare with arguments: -DCalvo=1 -DSGU_framework=0 -Dstrict_targeting=1 -Dprice_targeting=1 -Dwage_targeting=0 -Dcomposite_targeting=0 -DRamsey_policy=0 -Dfixed_WPC_slope=1 -Defficient_steady_state=0
Starting preprocessing of the model file ...
Found 44 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions...done
Computing static model derivatives (order 1).
Computing dynamic model derivatives (order 2).
Processing outputs ...
Preprocessing completed.

**Cannot redefine class 'dseries' without a call to 'clear classes'.**
Error in global_initialization (line 95)
oo_.initval_series = dseries();
Error in Born_Pfeifer_2018_welfare.driver (line 24)
Error in dynare (line 281)
    evalin('base',[fname '.driver']);
Error in run_welfare_comparison_inefficient_steady_state (line 33)
dynare Born_Pfeifer_2018_welfare -DCalvo=1 -DSGU_framework=0 -Dstrict_targeting=1
-Dprice_targeting=1 -Dwage_targeting=0 -Dcomposite_targeting=0 -DRamsey_policy=0
-Dfixed_WPC_slope=1 -Defficient_steady_state=0 

I solved the problem by restarting Matlab.
Thank you!