BK condition not satisified

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I’m new to DYNARE and I am trying to replicate a paper done by Gupta and Steinbach (2013), however, I have been having challenges simulating the model and obtaining steady state values. Kindly find attached my mod file, and the paper. I would be grateful if I can get some assistance.

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Test.mod (1.7 KB)
DSGE Modeling South Africa.pdf (737.1 KB)

Your model is linear, so the steady states are 0. That part is correct. But you may have a timing problem, because

There are 2 eigenvalue(s) larger than 1 in modulus 
for 6 forward-looking variable(s)

Please recheck all equations. For example in

ys = h*ys(-1)+(sigma/zeta)*c-h*c(-1)-(1-h/zeta)*q;

There seems to be a bracket missing around


Thank you very much, what can be done to correct the case of 2 eigenvalues larger than 1

As I said, first of all, make sure your model equations are entered correctly. Often this already solves the issue.

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I have looked at the model and corrected the places missing a bracket. I ran the analysis again and I kept on getting the same response concerning the eigenvalues greater than one. Attached is the new mod fileTest.mod (1.7 KB)