Basic Steady state questions

Sorry to bother on very basic questions, but I just got started with dynare.

  1. If I have an analytical solution of the steady state, how do I add it to the .mod file? I’ve tried to write the steady states in the m file, calling it example_steadystate.m, but it seems that this is not understood.

  2. How would one refer to external matlab files that contain the steady state solutions? The guide has not provided any example and any examples that you may have will be greatly appreciated. An attendant question is that is there a way to make the parameters global in mod and the m file so that one does not have to change the parameters every time?

error message below:

Attempt to execute SCRIPT twocountry_steadystate as a function:

Error in ==> steady_ at 21
[ys_,check] = feval([fname_ ‘_steadystate’],x);

Error in ==> steady at 7

Error in ==> twocountry at 118

Error in ==> dynare at 26
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;
Many thanks for your response to the very basic questions.