Argument must contain a string or function_handle.?

Dear all:
When I run the ms_sbvar.mod, it is coming up with the follow errors:

??? Error using ==> feval
Argument must contain a string or function_handle.

Error in ==> ms_sbvar_setup at 235
[Ui,Vi,n0,np,ixmC0Pres] = feval(,nvar,nexo,;

Error in ==> ms_estimation at 40

Error in ==> ms_sbvar at 60
[options_, oo_] = ms_estimation(M_, options_, oo_);

Error in ==> dynare at 120
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

   I really hope some one can help me to solve this problem.I want to know why?


the ms_sbvar.mod file attachment as follows:
ms_sbvar.mod.rar (15.7 KB)

We are looking into it. Could it be that something like

svar_identification; lower_cholesky; end;
is missing?

Dear profeeor pfeifer:
Thank you very much for your help! Yes,there is missing from the svar_identification block. But when I read the dynare Reference Manual, version 4.3.3 or 4.4.2,there is no svar_identification block in chart of Markov-switching SBVAR(4.18 chart), I wonder why doesn’t introduce in this?
Is there any other options in the svar_identification block?
Thank you very much, my dear professor pfeifer!

Because this is still on our to do list, see

Dear professor jpfeifer:
thank you very much for your prompt reply! I know that. Teachers, your hard!
your students!

In the meanwhile, see this page … gInterface