An issue with the steady state


I have an issue obtaining the steady state. I tried different initial values and different solution algorithms (0 though 4) and neither succeeded.
Then I solved for the steady state numerically with MatLab’s fsolve (outside of Dynare) and found the steady state.
When I plugged MatLab’s output as initial values for my Dynare code, it still returns the usual error message, regardless of the solver I choose.

Does this match your experience?

Do you have any idea if providing the steady-state values via an external file, as described in the manual, would help?

Thanks in advance.

What you describe should be impossible. If you solved your steady state correctly outside of Dynare, it should solve Dynare’s equations. As it does not, either there is still a mistake in your Dynare equations or in your steady state computation. Given your reported problems in finding a steady state in Dynare, I would guess the Dynare model equations.