After adding trivial variables cannot find steady state

Hi All

I have a weird problem that pops up from time to time that is driving me nuts. Basically, I have a model that seems to be working fine, then I add a trivial extra variable (or variables), which I set equal to a constant (for example a linear function of another variable, or a parameter, or a number). I then try to compute the steady state again, but now Dynare can’t find the steady state any more! I have tried setting initval to the correct steady state but this doesn’t help.

I have attached the latest example. In this case, the added variable is ‘G’, in line 99. Without G, Dynare works fine; adding G creates problems.

Can anybody help me with this? I would greatly appreciate!

Gideon Magnus
gideonmagnus1.mod (20.7 KB)

Hi Gideon,

This mod file works fine for me, with or without the “G” line. What error message are you getting? Is this with version 4.0.2?