Add parameters

Dear Dynare people,
i am having a problem of adding a parameter to the existing model. Do I only need to state the new parameter in “parameter” and in the model part in the .mod file?? Do I need to adjust the .m in the matlab file? I follow the guidebook and adjust only in the mod file, but matlab show
"Error using dynare (line 114)
DYNARE: preprocessing failed"
So i wondering whether i did it correct.
thankq very much ,

To all dynare people,

sorry if i didn’t provide enough info. please let me know if you need further information. i am very new to dynare and really need help with this…

you need to add it in the relevant part of the dynare .mod file, where you declare all the parameters and where you set their values. You need not touch the generated .mat files. You can post the .mod file if you wish.

thankyou very much for you help. i have already figure out i forget the semicolon after the parameter.
Again, thankyou very much for your generosity :slight_smile: