About the planner_objective_value in ramsey rule

Hi everyone,
I want to get the planner_objective_value after the command ‘ramsey_policy’. According to the dynare manual, the value is stored in ‘oo_.planner_objective_value’.
however, after I ran the ‘oo_.planner_objective_value’, dynare said:

Reference to non-existent field ‘planner_objective_value’.

the version used is dynare 4.2.5. I don’t know how to fix it. Is there sth wrong with the command ‘oo_.planner_objective_value’ or the dynare version?

Any help will be appreciated!

Please try 4.4 and if it still does not work (or provide a specific error message), send me the mod-file.

Hi, jpfeifer
Thanks for your quick reply. It works now,and the results are like this:

Approximated value of planner objective function
- with initial Lagrange multipliers set to 0: -11.7258
- with initial Lagrange multipliers set to steady state: -12.4355

I remember in dynare 4.2.5, it will give the steadystate value of Lagrange multipliers, but now, it will not after running the mode file, isn’t it?
and how will i explain and choose the two planner objective values?

thanks for your time again!