A stochastic RBC model with inelastic labor

Hi eveybody,
I am new to dynare and I have a basic stochastic RBC model with inelastic labor.
Unfortunately, my code does not work properly.
As expected for a new user, I could not detemine the main culprit although I have checked user guide.
Could anyone help me?
Best regards…

MY code:
var y c k lab z i;
varexo e;
parameters beta theta delta alpha gamma rho sigma;
beta = 0.987;
theta = 0.357;
delta = 0.012;
alpha = 0.36;
gamma = 2;
rho = 0.95;
sigma = 0.007;

(1+alpha*z(+1)*k^(alpha-1)*lab(+1)^(alpha)+(1-delta)); // Euler equation

c^theta/(1-lab)=theta/(1-theta)(1-alpha)zk(-1)^alphalab^(-alpha); // FOC for labor

k=zk(-1)^alphalab^(1-alpha)-c+(1-delta)*k(-1); // law of capital accumulation

z=rho*z(-1)+e; //technology

y = c+i;

i = k-(1-delta)*k(-1);


k = 1;
c = 1;
lab = 0.3;
z = 0;
e = 0;

var e = sigma^2;

steady; // finds the steady state

check; // provides the eigenvalues

stoch_simul(periods=2100, hp_filter=1600, irf=60, order=1); // simulates the model


before steady; to see that your starting values are too poor to find the steady state.

Thanks jpfeifer,
But could you teel me a way to get better starting values?

Considering the simplicity of your model, you could compute the steady state by hand.