A problem with model_comparison

Dear all,
Does anyone know how to use function model_comparison to compute posterior odds ratios? I followed the method tanya advised as followed:

file_names = cell(nomodels,1);

model_priors = [1;1];
PosteriorOddsTable = model_comparison(file_names,model_priors);

but the system returns:

??? Input argument “options_” is undefined.

Error in ==> model_comparison at 51
if isfield(options_,‘model_comparison_approximation’)

Error in ==> comparison at 7

My Dynare edition is 4.2.0. I read the code of function model_comparison and found that this function needs five input, which are ModelNames,ModelPriors,oo,options_,fname. How to define oo and fname?

Many thanks. :smiley:

The “model_comparison” command has a simpler syntax than that, see the reference manual in the “Estimation” section.

For example, you could simply write:

model_comparison name1(0.3) name2(0.7);

The 0.3 and 0.7 figures reflects your a priori beliefs on the respective models.