A problem with Bayesian Estimation

My model can work when calibrated parameters. But model can’t word when adapt bayesian estimation.
Its error is below:

I don’t know why it is.
Below is the code of my model, could someone help me? Thank you so so so much. est_data.m (263 Bytes)
data.mat (345 Bytes)
hujitudimod3.mod (2.6 KB)
hujitudimod3_bayes.mod (3.3 KB)

Are you sure that your model works properly? When I check the IRF’s of hujitudimod3.mod most of the variables take around 2000 - 3000 periods to converge back to steady state. That seems quite strange to me.
The output also tells you that All endogenous are constant or non stationary. This comes from a unit root in your model, which you can see that one eigenvalue is exactly 1. I would suggest to you to first make your model work before attempting to do any form of estimation.

  1. When a model contains unit roots, usually you need to specify the diffuse_filter-option.
  2. I agree with @DoubleBass that having all variables contain a unit root is indeed unusual and often points to a mistake somewhere.

Thank you so so so so much. I revise it. But I met new problem now. My model is no steady state.