6 endogoneuous variables but 0 equations

Hello everyone,

I have a stochastic simulation to run on Dynare of a Real Business Cycle model with consumption and capital as main components.
When I run the model it says I have 6 endogenous variables for 0 equations, despite having input 6 equations.

Any help would be deeply appreciated,


ProjetDynare.mod (1.2 KB)

I just had a quick look…The equation

log(c) = log(c(+1))-(1/sigma)*((alpha*y(+1)/k)-delta+log(beta))+log(a)*(1-rhoa)/sigma;

does not seem to be ‘properly’ log-linear…
Not sure if this is the source of the problem…


You have some special characters in your comments that throw off Dynare’s lexer. A version without comments works.
ProjetDynare.mod (765 Bytes)

Thank you both for your help ;

I have revised the equation and removed the comments yet I am still encountering issues ; I have an “unexpected name” issue, and another error was my equations being = to NaN ?

ProjetDynare1.mod (779 Bytes)


Your model contains an sdynare in the first equation. You need to delete it.
y = z*k(-1)^alpha;
is missing an exp() around the z